Your partner for butter specialities

The no.1 butter expert, making professionals’ lives easier

Since 1935, Corman has been the no.1 butter expert, recognised throughout the world for its innovative, top-quality products. Corman is particularly known for inventing the first butter sheets specifically designed to make croissants and puff pastry easier to produce.

A range for creative cooking

Keen to share innovation and its unique expertise in butter with the culinary world, Corman has designed a new range for the HORECA sector in order to make your life easier and stimulate your creativity.

Ready to use and ready to refine your dishes!

  • Liquid Clarified Butter

    Ideal for cooking and roasting at high temperatures and making stable emulsions.

  • Liquid Beurre Noisette

    Ideal to perfect your dishes with an intense flavour of roasted hazelnuts.

  • Fusion

    The most buttery of blends combining genuine clarified butter with a top-quality vegetable oil.

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